Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cousins Say Hello [& other updates]

This past weekend was a milestone for the baby book, as Madison finally met her cousin! Stephanie and Elizabeth flew in from Denver for the weekend to meet her and to celebrate the Fourth. Unfortunately daddy Scott [Adam's brother] is over in Afghanistan, however we were able to video chat with him a few times so it was almost like he was here! "E" has grown so much since we last saw her in March, it's like looking at an entirely different person. It took her a little while to warm up to Madison [and she certainly did not like her mommy holding Madison], but once she did it was cute watching them together, the cutest moment being when E gave Madison "kisses." So adorable. E even shared some of her toys with Madison, specifically her blocks. We spent two days with them and shared some really yummy meals, courtesy of Adam's parents! We had the greatest time with Steph and E, and cannot wait to see them again next month when they come for another visit! 

Madison also reached a huge milestone this weekend -- she laughed for the first time, and once she started she just wouldn't stop. We managed to get some of it on video [that video can be seen here], and I plan on video taping her all day every day until she cackles like that again! It's amazing how much she's changed in just three months time, she has grown up so quickly. She's at the point where she doesn't like laying flat on her back, she wants to be up and able to see the world around her. Her little neck has gotten so strong, and I swear with the strength in her legs she's going to be walking in no time [altho let's hope not!]. 

My wrist surgery was a success! The cyst had roots which means had they not removed it and just aspirated it, the cyst would continue to come back. I don't remember a thing, which is awesome because I was terrified about being "awake" for the procedure [altho heavily drugged]. The first week after surgery was so difficult for me -- I clearly don't handle pain well, but the worst part was not being able to pick up my daughter. When I wanted some snuggle time I had to have someone place her in my lap, and even then it was difficult because she likes to flail her arms and legs so much, conveniently hitting me on the wrist. I still don't have full function in that hand and won't for another couple of months, but I'm so thankful it's gone and I can move forward now. I got the cast off last week and have been left with a pretty ugly scar. It's been suggested that I should come up with a cool story to go along with it -- I'm still working on that. 

Here are some pictures from our visit with Steph and E!! I hope you all had a lovely Fourth!! 

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