Thursday, February 24, 2011

And the dish ran away with the Spoon...

This past weekend my wonderful mama threw me my first baby shower, and I must say it was nothing short of amazing! You can tell she put so much time and energy into every last detail, from the banners and the yummy-ness of the food down to the tiniest of details on the cake. The turnout was amazing, I have never been around so many wonderful people at the same time. I was so thankful that my Aunt Chrissy flew in to spend the week with me, and my "Aunt" Kathy flew up from Ontario just for the shower! We played some really neat games [including one in which my mother and I spent five minutes arguing over the color of my eyes] and had a lot of laughs. And my oh my the gifts! It took me over an hour to open all of the gifts.... Madison is certainly one lucky little girl. We really stocked up on baby gear [I STILL can't believe how much stuff they need].... some of the things we got are our swing, playmat, bumbo, boppy covers, a hooter-hider, bottles, formula, wipes, pacifiers, clothes [including her first bathingsuit!], a bottle warmer, bath gear, the diaper bag [filled to the brim with goodies], our high chair, the baby bjorn, tons and tons of diapers, and then some! Here are a few pictures from baby shower #1!

The soon-to-be Grandmas!

Some of my favorite girls!

Getting ready for games and gifts!

Playing with my "niece" Taylor!


My amazing mommy and Aunt Chrissy!

Gifs, gifts, and more gifts!

Only the most awesome baby beanie ever!

My Aunt Kathy!

My living room before...

...and after!

I'm really so grateful that so many people have helped us the way they have, and from the bottom of my heart love each and every one of you! My best friend Shanna is throwing me baby shower #2 this Saturday, and I am SO excited to have all of my closest friends in the same room at the same time!! I'll update more after Saturday!

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